The Church in Salez Switerland where Rev. Moritz Goetschy was pastor from 1720 to 1731

 Goetchius Family Links

      The Goetchius Coat of Arms as it appears in Keller-Escher 
and also in the great collection by Siebmacher. This information and the coat of arms was provided by Rev. Eugene V.N. Goetchius

This site is being designed to provide interested users with all known links to the history of the Goetchius (Götschi, Goetschy, Göettschi, Goetschius, Guchess, etc.) family in Switzerland and America.

Goetschy Family: From Switzerland to America - "The Limping Messenger" (c).  

Ministry of John Henry Goetschy -- Goshenhoppen, PA 1735-1740

The Goetchius Family Re-discovers the Götschi Family - 1999

The Goetchius Family in the United States - Rodney M. Goetchius Tree Only

Rod Goetchius' Work With NASA and Project Mercury

Rev. Eugene V.N. Goetchius Passed Away Oct 3, 2008

Goetchius Group on Facebook

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